Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why you should hire a Expert

So you stand in the doorway of your bathroom and you look at your shower stall, your toilet, your sink and vanity, and your walls and you think to yourself that you can do your own bathroom renovation.

Before you tackle your own bathroom renovation there are a few things to consider especially if you have absolutely no experience in doing any kind of bathroom renovation project at all. There are good reasons why bathroom renovation experts are always busy and always expensive.

There is great danger in convincing yourself to do your own bathroom renovation with the inner question “How hard can it be?” ringing in your ears. Take the toilet for instance. The toilet seems easy enough to remove and install but are you certain you know how to properly seal a toilet when it is installed? If you think that running a bead of caulk around the bottom of the toilet is the way to do it then you need to hire an expert. If you need a bead of caulk to keep water from leaking out of the bottom of your toilet then it is not correctly sealed and you are asking for trouble.

Moving To The Shower

Hopefully you are convinced that properly installing a toilet is not as easy as it seems. If that is the case then maybe we should move this bathroom renovation to the shower. I know it looks easy but if you are not familiar with installing plumbing and using torches to weld pipes together then you may want to steer clear of the shower. The shower is the most expensive part of the bathroom to have installed and most of that cost for that particular bathroom renovation is labor. There are a lot of things to consider when installing a bathtub/shower and if you leave anything out you run the risk of having leaks you cannot see until it is way too late. Be smart and call an expert.

It is so tempting to puff your chest and think you can do a bathroom renovation yourself but the smart homeowner calls an expert to do the work in the bathroom. There is no shame in calling an expert and the results you will get will be well worth the price paid. So go ahead and plan your bathroom renovation but when it comes down to doing the work you may want to seriously consider calling in the experts.

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