Monday, January 7, 2008

Just a few things we did't think about

We recently did a full kitchen renovation with new flooring, cabinets, granite,
copper sink, etc. I should have been prepared, but when you're working on your own home you see things a little differently. Besides removing the old and installing the new stuff, we also moved a wall to make the kitchen open to a family room and extended a doorway to make a larger opening to the dining room. These two things sound simple on paper, but made an already long process take even longer. I didn't realize moving a wall meant reinforcing the beams in the attic, moving electrical, patching and retexturing the ceiling and reframing behind the cabinets. Also, widening a doorway means repainting the other side, reframing the door, repairing moulding, etc. Another thing to be prepared for is that things will often come damaged, scratched, need to be modified and generally make you pull your hair out!

This reno took about 3 months total and we more or less stayed within budget. However, some things we forgot to consider are the inconvenience of living with drywall dust (having plastic from ceiling to floor did little to help), wasting so many paper cups/plates/utensils because there was no kitchen sink hooked up, and eating out for almost every meal for 3 months! The latter of which added a hefty amount that was not in the budget.

In the end, it was definitely worth it, but I don't want to renovate anything for quite awhile! I love my copper sink and the extra counter space. My kids also hate eating out now so I guess it's a good thing we have our new kitchen...