Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disaster DIY is a renovation show where unsuspecting

Are you or someone you know halfway through a botched renovation, and
don’t know where to turn next? Are you watching the mistakes pile up?

Disaster DIY is a renovation show where unsuspecting
do-it-yourself-ers are turned in by their loved ones. HGTV host Bryan
Baeumler comes in, and with his construction know-how and special
brand of humour, teaches the do-it-yourself-ers how to plan, execute,
and complete their home renovations the right way.

In order to qualify for the show:
A. You must live within a short commute of the Greater Toronto Area
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
B. For Disaster DIY Cottage Edition; your cottage must be within a
3-hour driving distance from the GTA.
C. You must be in the middle of an attempted renovation (we need to
see your attempts at renovation, not the mistakes of the previous
D. You must own the home or space you’re renovating.
E. You must complete the application in full. Incomplete applications
will not be considered.

Please respond to the following questions below and send to:


1. Please tell us your your name, address, and phone number. What is
the name, address, and phone number of the DIY-er (if different that
your own).
2. What stage is the reno at now?
3. What are the measurements of the room? Length, Width, height of ceilings?
4. What has the DIY-er done so far? Has the work been electrical?
Plumbing? Structural? Building? Demolishing? Dry wall? Please be
5. How has the DIY-er messed things up? LIST THE MISTAKES!!! Be as
detailed as possible please, this is what will get you on the show!
6. What's the story behind this botched renovation? Your version &
their version.
7. What is the impact on the family, lifestyle? (Tension? Frustration?
Please use specific examples. (Eg. Showering at neighbour’s house?
Gained 20lbs because you can’t use your kitchen? etc.)

** Please send photos/video to, or snail
mail to 239 Kingston Road, Toronto ON M4L 1T5

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