Monday, August 24, 2009

Your Rights When Dealing With Home Renovations

  • Under the law, the final price of the goods or services cannot be more than 10 per cent over the original estimate. If new work comes up, your home reno contractor should discuss it with you and you should be asked to approve a “change order” that includes the new work and a revised estimate to cover new goods and services.
  • The Consumer Protection Act establishes important protection for consumers in their home reno contract. Let’s say you make a purchase or sign a contract in your home. If the deal is worth more than $50, you have the right to cancel within 10 days. It’s best to do this by registered mail or fax, to get your money back. The only exception to this cooling-off period is in a case of emergency home repairs, where the consumer must have approached the seller and requested the services to be provided within 10 days of receiving the written contract.
  • Consumers are protected against unfair business practices such as deceptive promotional and sales tactics. If an unfair practice has occurred, you can rescind the agreement within one year. One way to do this is by sending the seller a registered letter. If that doesn’t produce results, see our Consumer Protection Toolbox.
  • Under the Consumer Protection Act, it is illegal for a home reno contractor to hold onto your belongings to renegotiate a higher price. Unless conditions change, the original agreement stands.
  • If you want to complain about a home reno contractor, go to visit Your Consumer Protection Toolbox to find out how. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, contact the Consumer Protection Branch.

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