Monday, November 24, 2008

Tilt and Turn PVC Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows
Architectural Style:
Where function and coordinated looks are a consideration, windows and French doors will enhance any architectural style and provide you with custom solutions to simplify your planning and design. vinyl profiles offer a variety of shapes and functions, suitable for either the contemporary or traditional home and will always guarantee stability and exceptional thermal protection under the most extreme weather conditions.
Technological Advances:
has considered wind loading, security, water penetration, thermal resistance and maintenance when designing these windows. Our profile system was developed with constant improvement and development of innovative accessories we can solve your most challenging detail or installation.
Durability & Security:
The 900 Series profile proves its reliability utilizing corrosion protected reinforcing steel. The special multi point locking system adds security whether closed or tilted open. These and many other features, exclusive to , are incorporated into every window and French door built in the 900 Series.
Functional Simplicity:
Tilt and Turn windows and French doors were pioneered by for tough northern European weather conditions where positive seal requirements are mandatory. The unique function of the tilt position allows ventilation to the room without drafts; worry free rain protection; and in the turn position, they act just like casement windows. The inward opening function allows for easy cleaning from the inside. The advantage of the turn-tilt function is the enormous safety and security features. The multi-point locking mechanism around the entire frame makes the window extremely secure from unwanted entry - even when in the ventilation tilt position.
Tilt and Turn Details:

A three point handle makes our Series Tilt And Turn System so easy to use.
Three simple steps:
1. Turn the handle to the side, as shown to the left, and the window swings in.
2. Turn the handle so it's pointing up and the window tilts to the inside from the top.
3. Turn the handle so it's pointing down and it's locked.
We use the same handle system for both the windows and the doors, keeping a consistent look throughout your home.
Safe and Secure:
You can rest easy with the Series Tilt and Turn System. The eight point locking system will keep you safe when your home and your belongings safe when your not. Warranted for as long as you own the home.
Long Lasting, Easy Operation:
Heavy duty hinges allow the 8000 Tilt and Turn System to open fully. Heavy aluminum reinforcing coupled with the fact that all screws go through the vinyl outer layer into aluminum allow the openings to be over sized. Available sizes: Widths up to 48" and heights up to 96". Windows and Doors use the same frame material so you get a consistent look around your home. All hardware is Zinc Dichromate dipped to resist corrosion.
Smart and Effective:
The inward tilt action of the Series 8000 gives you all the benefits of a top opener with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your windows and doors are still locked. Heavy duty hinging system allows the entire window or door system to tilt to the inside to allow hot air trapped at the ceiling to easily vent out.
Weather Tight:
When closed, with the handle in the down and locked position, the Series 8000 System is the most air and water tight system on the market. All EPDM Rubber Seals are replaceable if required making your new windows and solid investment. The Series 8000 Tilt and Turn European Window System has received higher test scores than any other window system on the market. It is the most weather resistant system you can buy.

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