Sunday, December 30, 2007

Renovation Coach in Toronto

Maybe you coach your kid's little league team, or maybe you've even consulted with a life coach. But were you aware that in the field of home renovation there's a new coach in town? To help you play the remodeling game error-free, renovation coaches or consultants are sprouting up all over the country. These are people who've often had years of experience in real estate and renovation. Some have worked in some capacity as a contractor, and all have closely worked with a number of contractors and architects.

What's the Difference between a Contractor and a Renovation Coach?
The renovation coach plays a different role than your remodeling contractor. In fact, the renovation coach can act as a communicator between you and your contractor. In addition to taking care of building permit issues, providing information about different renovation products and materials, and giving ballpark estimates, renovation coaches can actually help you find a good remodeling contractor for your needs. And unlike contractors or architects, renovation coaches charge an hourly fee as opposed to a large sum to oversee the entire project.
You've Gotta Pay to Play
A renovation coach or consultant can save you thousands--even tens of thousands--of dollars on your remodel, and that's on top of the peace of mind you'll gain knowing someone's there for the sole purpose of helping you make the best decisions. But this guidance doesn't come cheap. Depending on your region, you can pay anywhere from one hundred to a few hundred dollars per hour for such expertise. Talk to anyone who has had a rough remodel experience--or a difficult time with an uncommunicative remodeling contractor--and they'll tell you that a little professional intervention can go a long way.


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Genstone Products

Features & Benefits of Simulated Rock, Stone, & Brick

Siding products Stone, Brick, and Rock - Genstone Products

GenStone simulated products are ideal for both new construction and refinishing projects.

Genstone Products

With GenStone, you will not only save money on materials, but you will also save on the cost of labor.

Key Features Include:

* Lightweight - Our simulated stacked stone, rock, and brick products weigh as little as one pound per square foot, eliminating the need for lift equipment or extra labor.

* Durable - Our products are manufactured of high-impact resistant structural polyurethane. This is the same material used in ocean aquariums and theme parks. GenStone is manufactured to endure the harshest of elements.

* Ease of Installation - One or two people using basic hand or power tools may easily apply GenStone products with screws and adhesives. Our products are easily field cut using standard woodworking tools.

* Cost Effective - The installation time and cost for our products are substantially less than conventional masonry, increasing your total savings on the project. Additionally, application requires labor with general carpentry skills.

* Authentic Look - Our simulated product molds are cast from actual stone so every detail of the stone's texture is accurately fingerprinted and transferred to our products.

* Versatility - Our products may be applied over exterior walls, commercial exterior applications, window trims, foundation skirts, full or partial home siding, porch pillars and deck siding. Your limits are determined by your imagination!

* Additional Insulation Value- GenStone products increase the R-value to homes and commercial structures, as well as meeting building code requirements.

* Low Maintenance GenStone simulated stone products require:
- No Painting
- No Staining
- No Waterproofing

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Capital Steel Industries

Capital Steel Buildings are used to satisfy a wide variety of commercial and agricultural needs.

Consider the versatility of a Capital Steel Building!

Capital Steel Industries

The Possibilities are Unlimited With a Little Imagniation & the Right Components.

All Drawings and Anchor Bolt Plans Engineer Certified.
50,000 PSI High Strength Plate.
Submerged Arc/Welded Frames.

Factory Primed Frames.
80,000 PSI Galvalume Roof Sheeting.
Solid Built-up Main Frame Construction.
Industry Standard A-325 Structural Bolts.
Deluxe Architectural Trim Package.
Pre-punched Components.
Corrugated Ridge Caps.
Standing Seam Roofs.
American Made Components.

Attractive and Functional Design with choice of Panel
and Trim Colors.
Brick, Decorative Block, Stone or Stucco Elevations.
20 year Limited Warranty on Metal Systems.
Unlimited Designs.
Eave Heights Available to Accommodate a Wide Variety of

Open Clear Span Frame up to 300 Feet Wide.
Easily Expanded to Grow with your Needs.
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